Celebration of Congo Day

On september the 2 nd, the congo brazza community of the DMV area has organized  a cultural Day to celebrate the independance Day of the republic of Congo.   Like  many african countries, the Republic of congo got its independence from France in 1960 , after the second world war. Many of this african countries were under France autority through the system of colonization since the 18 th century. This system placed these countries under the administrative, political, economical and cultural influence of France.  But after fighting the war on France side, these colonized people were illuminated by the vulnerability of the colonial master. Also for many other reasons,  these countries were in need of their freedom. The congo in its part got its freedom on august 15 1960.

This year, it is the 57 th annivesary of the Congo.  The Congo Brazza community of washington metropolitan region has made the occasion really special .  In fact, the theme for the celebration was the promotion of the congolese people who have talent. Among those talents were Alida couture, Jacques Mabiala,  mushino and Rehema. All these talents made all congolese really proud.  Alida is a congolese taylor. During the celebration of the congo day, she did a fashion show in which, she presented  her work to the community. About 15 boys and girls wore clothes made by Alida couture. Jacques is a professional cameraman and presented himself to the community and talk about is work. Rehema  is an african american lady who is interested in the congolese culture especial Kongo dance. she shared her love for the congo and also performed some congolese dance.

Of course the night ended with the congolese “ambiance” the rythm of congolese dance and song . It was a really joyfull night, rich in fun, but also a learning moment. One of my favorite  part of the night was a projection that was made on the history of Congo from the independance up to now. I hope the next edition organized by the board of Congo Brazza community will be as colorful and inspirational as this year one.











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