The big demonstration on modern slavery

Les chroniques de la diaspora NEWSLETTER
Novembre 18 2017


The march against the enslavement of African in Libya
On Saturday, November the 18th Paris woke up to big march organized by a collective of black rights organizations to protest against the inhuman detentions of Africans who are trying to reach Europe for a better life. The march was announced by Claude Siar after a video shown on CNN which was telling the story of the young African who are being sold as merchandise in Libya.
What is going on with these images? Apparently, during the last few years ,many young Africans have been trying to reach Europe through a human trafficking organized by smugglers on the Mediterranean Sea. These young people spend a lot of money from their countries of origin mostly in the sub saharan Africa. Many of them do not reach their destination because of the dangers they encounter during the trip on the Mediterranean Sea . Many of them have lost their life on the Mediterranean. This situation has become what is called an immigration crisis. According to a lot of media, to remedy to the immigration crisis, the Eu has signed an agreement with the Libyan government to stop the flow of immigrants by detaining those who cross the Sahara in order to reach the Mediterranean Sea for a chance to reach Europe, in Libya.  Some other medias are reporting that the idea of  » welcome centers was thrown out last August during a conference held in Paris in front of some European countries and some African countries especially Niger and Libya. And according to what they are reporting the idea was abandoned.

However, these detentions ( or life in these welcoming centers ) have been awful, inhuman and because of the lawlessness of the political situation in Libya, the African youth have beaten, rapped and even sold as slaves in a slave markets in an organized auction as we have seen in movies like « Roots ».These is an abomination, a crime against humanity. Slavery in the 21 st century is unacceptable and should be condemned in all its forms

These young Africans are willing to put their life in danger for a hope to get a better life in the western society. The misery that we see in Africa is unbelievable. Many of these countries have all sort of natural resources that are used in the western oil, gold, uranium, bauxite, diamonds and so for..Multinational companies exploit these resources in the continent however the  lives of the people of Africa have not changed they live in most miserable conditions. On top of these multinationals exploitation of resources that do not improve the living standards of Africans, have the head of states who are acting poorly. They do not impove living conditions to try to retain their youth in the continent. Most of these states are dictatorships, where corruption and bad governance  are the name of the game. They do not have real plans for education, for security, for jobs, the youth is completely hopeless. Only a minority of people enjoy a decent lifestyle and they exhibit their opulence toward those who don’t have.
That is why ,at the march at the Libya representation in Paris, the organizer of the march were condemning, Libya, the Eu and the Africans head of states for the enslavement of the Africans in Libya.

we are also learning that an investigation has been open in Tripoli and those who are doing these barbaric acts will be held accountable for their actions.
By Prisca p


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