The big African dilemma

Growing up, many young people of my generation dreamed to pursue their studies abroad. The deal was, work hard until you get your baccalaureate or high school diploma, then the incentive was to go abroad to study in higher educational institutions somewhere in Europe and America. The reason why many of African youth end up in the industrialized world, is that those who have studied in these countries, once home, occupy the most important positions or jobs in their home countries. They quickly become members of the elite or simply member of upper class. They become politician, executives, university Lecturers, business men and society has higher regards for them.   Another reason is just the opportunities that the western world presents to everyone. For the youth, that is not interested in higher education, the goal is to get a job opportunity that can help them raise some money in order to begin a lucrative project. This will help them to care of their family members.

However, once in the foreign land, this youth is faced with a variety lot of challenges that will eventually deviate their dreams of returning home. The first situation that creates a challenge is simply the opportunities  that this new society presents to them.   We have to keep in mind, that these young people come,  in most cases from countries where  there are  conflicts,  dictatorships, where the judicial systems are not functional,  where corruption in all its form is the name of the game, and the value of human being is sometimes not taken seriously. In the West the human being is dignified, the rule of law is applied according to the book and corruption even if it might exists, it is not to an extend to which everybody has accepted it as the rule of law. Also, the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press are guaranteed and are not taken for granted , leave alone the fact that they witness  the democratic system, how it is the better  political system. In way that in this system everyone is given a fair shot .

The other opportunities  that are provided in the western world is the fact that the inalienable rights are guaranteed for everybody as long as you play by the rules. After  a long  time of trying to integrate these societies, after  being educated in the western educational institutions, after entering the job market in the west, after simply becoming members of these societies, a dilemma is progressively presented itself to the African youth. The dilemma is should you go back to serve the continent or should you stay in the foreign land that has accepted you as human being.

A lot African elites are flying the continent because of dictatorships. As we must know a dictatorship is characterized by the rule of one individual or a few people. There is not freedom of speech or freedom of the press, corruption and bad governance which create economies that are based in the pursue of the wellbeing of all. In fact, the it creates an anti-growth type of the economy. The government is corrupt, the educational and healthcare systems are precarious and the job market completely  absent. It therefore difficult for those who have been living in the western world for many good years to decide to go back to the lands of their birth. It is  sad to say this, but after a while the decision is really hard to make.With this situation, Africa is losing its  people who are well formed and educated. In fact, they acquire a lot of experiences through the education system, through the job experience some even are opening businesses.  But all this knowledge has not yet served the continent has it should.  Today youth has an open mind on all aspects of life whether it is  gouvernement, rights, healthcare, social justice, business, and so on. The number one element of economic development is demographics. And the continent of Africa has a big advantage to that regard, all it need today is to clean its political environment of the bad seeds that are destroying the hopes of the many.

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