The resignation of Zuma



According to multiple news agencies ( CNN, Radio France Inter and Reuters) Zuma , président of South Africa has announced his resignation as president of the republic of South Africa on Wednesday February the 14th. This resignation come after the ruling party, ANC has decided to call for a no confidence vote against the president.

This resignation is a bit extraordinary because it happens in Africa where, it is uncommon for powerful people to quit easily. The institutions are usually weakened by the power that leadership has. It is therefore interesting for the ANC to show to other political parties in the continent,what a political party should be and the power should belong to the people through their institutions.

The other interesting thing is just the African youth is getting wiser in a way that the realized that they need to fight their life and put an end to the non sense that is going on in the political life in the continent. President Zuma even refer to them as “clever blacks” in 2012. According to Reuters,  Zuma , during an address to  South Africa national house of traditional leaders said “black people became too clever. They became the most eloquent in criticizing themselves about their own traditions. This just to say how the youth is becoming really informed about the issues.

These resignation put an end to a presidency plagued with a lot of scandals and controversy. Among those scandals are:

-1990 the president of South Africa was facing 783 counts of corruption over $2.5 billlion government arms deal when he was deputy president of ANC.

– He faced accusations of raping his friend daughter and was actually charged  and acquitted in 2006

-2010 President Zuma apologized to South African for fathering a child out of wedlock with a friend daughter.

These are scandals among many more cases of corruption that plagued Zuma during his tenure as president of South Africa. Hopefully this resignation and the circumstances that led to it will shine a light on the fact that the institutions must always have to be powerful.  And maybe this will put a end to seing corruption as business as usual in many countries of Africa.


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