Ideas for Easter diner

Tomorrow is Easter. Christians all over the World will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, for it is supposed to be the day when Jesus rose from the death. So, it is an important religious day for the believers of Christian teaching of the resurrection mysteries.

It is also an occasion for families to get together around a table to share a diner. What should we have for Easter diner?

The traditional Easter menu should be for entree eggs mimosa or devil eggs, roasted lamb or turkey. For side dish,we can have steamed carrots, sautéed green beans or sautéed spinach. A diner can not be complete without a dessert. Our suggestions for dessert are chocolate strawberries which is ideal dessert for the occasion . But, you can pick any other dessert such us tarts or pie. My favorite is the strawberries short cake.

For more informations on recipes click Cuisine

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