This page was created in order to give people of Congolese descent à platform in which they can be able to refer to their cultural backgrounds. The idea came from a situation that happened in my child classroom last year. The school was celebrating a cultural week. And the students were to write a mini book about their family heritage. And the classe was using a web site as a source of information. Unfortunately, on that web site, the information on the Congo was related to the DRC( the democratic republic of Congo) and the website did not mention the fact that beside the DRC, there is another country named Congo. So my son mini book was written with the wrong information . He came back home and told me: mom I am from Congo Kinshasa. Chocked, I had to e mail the teacher and gave more informations and she told me of course the web site that she used as an educational tool recommended by the school,did not mention anything about another Congo but the DRC. I did eventually go to school to have a talk with the teacher after which she apologized.
This site was created for the people of congolese descent and for those who have an interest in knowing about the Congo. This site will  provide with cultural informations that can help them build their identity, which I think, is really important in order to excel in society.
A focus will be made on some relevant cultural practices of the Congo. On the home page,we will pick a topic to initiate a discussion with our readers. In the section, community we will inform about what is going in the Congolese community. We will talk about the Congolese and their activities. We also have an interview section in which we will secure an interview with those Congolese who have a story to tell about their life, their professional and social experiences, and how it can benefit every one. The recipe section will also be introduced to those who want a taste of the Congo and how to make those dishes.


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