Let us talk about Black Panther

Image by Marvel Black Panther is the most anticipated movie of the year. It is coming out in the theater on February the 14th.The particularity of this movie is that it is the first superhero movie in which the entire cast is all black. And as we can imagine, the community is really thrilled aboutContinue reading “Let us talk about Black Panther”

The surprising reaction to the “shithole countries” message

By now, we all know that on Tuesday January the 9 th of 2018, it was revealed that during a meeting with the senators on the DACA, the president of the USA was wondering why  we have to bring people from the “shithole countries” of Africa and Haiti. We should bring people from Norway instead.Continue reading “The surprising reaction to the “shithole countries” message”

The big demonstration on modern slavery

Les chroniques de la diaspora NEWSLETTER Novembre 18 2017   The march against the enslavement of African in Libya On Saturday, November the 18th Paris woke up to big march organized by a collective of black rights organizations to protest against the inhuman detentions of Africans who are trying to reach Europe for a betterContinue reading “The big demonstration on modern slavery”

The sustainability of the UN in achieving its goal of global peace

September 18 2017  kicks off the annual general assembly of the United Nations. This is an occasion for leaders of the entire world to get together and discuss the many issues that are going on the world. It is an occasion for the people of the world to give a thought on this world body’sContinue reading “The sustainability of the UN in achieving its goal of global peace”