Is the Congo Brazzaville on the path for debt relief ?

The answer to this simple question will be yes.  However, a press release of April 19 2018 by the IM makes it difficult to answer by a simple yes to this question. In according to that press release the republic of Congo and the IMF came to an “understanding”, whatever that really mean. One thingContinue reading “Is the Congo Brazzaville on the path for debt relief ?”

The IMF is back in the Congo Brazzaville

On April the 3rd of 2018, experts from the IMF came back to the Congo Brazzaville to continue négociations on country’s debt. This is the third time that the IMF has been in the country in order to bail it out from debts. The Congo has been seeking debts relief from the IMF because, 6Continue reading “The IMF is back in the Congo Brazzaville”

The difficulties of saving the Congo basin from deforestation

The Congo basin play an important role in regulating the world climate. That is why the UN has approved a financial mechanism to curb deforestation. The countries of the Congo basin have been turning to other power for loans. Many projects have been given to partners who are not really concerned about global warming ManyContinue reading “The difficulties of saving the Congo basin from deforestation”

The Diplomats battle over Africa

Last week, the top diplomats of the United States of America and Russia have crisscrossed the continent of Africa  by scheduling trips in some strategic countries for them. Sergei Lavrov started on Monday by visiting Angola,  then Namibia, Zimbabwe,Zambia and Ethiopia. Rex Tillerson started his, with a visit in Ethiopia where the headquarters of AfricanContinue reading “The Diplomats battle over Africa”

Violence against women in the Congo Brazzaville

  Picture from (celebration of November 25 in Monrovia) The last thirty years have been difficult for the Congo Brazzaville. It started with the abondamment of the socialist regime which has been adopted by the country since 1963. In 1991, after a national conference, during which the country has decided to change the formContinue reading “Violence against women in the Congo Brazzaville”

Cassava leaves recipe: saka-saka or pondou

Cassava leaves are one of the most popular dish in the Congo. They are served during big family diners and special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, kids baptism and Eucharist. It a pretty complicated dish to prepare. Normally the first step is to pound the leaves in a big mortar with its pillar. ThisContinue reading “Cassava leaves recipe: saka-saka or pondou”

Capillary mask for natural hair

    Today, is sharing natural recipes that helps nourish and hydrate our natural hair. Afro natural hair tend to be dry and fragile. In tropical regions, this phenomenon is not often experienced because of humidity. However, in the temperate climate, it is necessary to keep hair nourished and hydrated in order to avoidContinue reading “Capillary mask for natural hair”