Jabijou cosmetics

Jabijou cosmetics skin care system

Vitamin Wash

it is a facial cleanserthat is gentle , yet thorough cleaners that provides a surge of vitamin E for strong antioxidant power


Vitamin E creme

A facial creme for all type of skins. It is rich and contains vitamin E that heals and protects your natural skins


Indelible Makeup remover

This is a 6.5 oz vitamin based make up remover. it is desined to remove all indelible cosmetics


Pomegranate green tea toner

This toner enriched with rosewater and chamomille retain moisture provide natural anti septic taht recommended for acne and skin inflation. it also help firm and tone


Jabijou cosmetics makeup

Perfect finish Setting spray

This vitamin based sray nourishes the skin and sets make up. It smoothes, hydrate and energize your skin while it provide you witha perefct finish


Intensive skin lightning complex

This producte is made of 2% hydroquinone.1 % kojic acid, plus vitamin A and E. when used regulary this product will gradually lighten hyper- pigmentatiom and skin discoloration


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