Let us talk about Black Panther


Image by Marvel

Black Panther is the most anticipated movie of the year. It is coming out in the theater on February the 14th.The particularity of this movie is that it is the first superhero movie in which the entire cast is all black. And as we can imagine, the community is really thrilled about that. It is showing a lot of enthusiasm because of the A list melanin casting, but the movie portrait an “ideal” i think that people of African descendants, whether there are in the diaspora or in the continent, can look up too. This is what caught our attention and give us reasons not to miss this one.

First it is the casting . Black Panther a movie directed by Ryan Coogler has a A list cast that includes Chadwick Boseman who plays T’Challa or black Panther, Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Fuke, the legendary Angela Bassett and of course Forest Whitaker. This is a group of African diaspora in its diversity. This being said, we can assume that they gave their best performance given their respective backgrounds and the subject matter.

This brings  us to the second reason why I am not missing this one. In fact,  it is my main reason. The movie is about a man (Black Panther)who becomes king and faces challenges and conflict that has global implications. And his adversary ( Killmonger) main issue is that wakanda( the country where the story takes place) has not done enough to help the black communities around the world who had their life shattered by slavery and colonialism according to Todd Vanderwerff on vox.com.

This movie definitely touches an interesting political issue . It discusses about how wakanda can better deal with kingdom succession and also the world out there or simply diplomacy.These deep subjects are usually discussed in the continent and its diaspora. In recent years, there have been a lot issues in the continent related to power succession or simply political alternance. The relationship between the continent and the former colonial power is often discussed as well. In fact, many countries especially those French speaking countries are still feeling the burdens of colonialism legacy. The issue of the cfa which is a currency used by the 15 African countries colonized by France. Most of them are independent since 1960 but their economy is completely dependent of that of France, which controls the CFA Franc. Recently they have been a movement led By the African economist Kemi Seba which suggests that the economic development delay of these countries  is deeply rooted in clauses related to this currency. A campaign has been going on this subject . Hopefully, this movie shine the awareness on how an “ideal society” should have been if there were not any historical circumstances to stop it.

This brings us the another reason why we can’t miss this movie Wakanda. It is the scenery where the story of black Panther took place. When talking to BBC Lupita Nyong’o described Wakanda as a mythical country, a hidden African Kingdom with incredible technological power, due to its reserves of the world most useful metal. The subject of natural resources or reserves is  current subject.  But we will leave it alone today.

Wakanda reminds me of those African Kingdoms before colonisation. I know any African will be able to name any, depending on which part of the continent they are from. Personally, I am reminded of the Kongo kingdom which is well documented and had a really political structure, military structure, social structure and even economical structure . The kingdom had its own currency which was made of shell money. The exploitation of cooper was even done by then.The kingdom was located central Africa specifically in Angola, Cabinda, Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon. It was discovered by the Portuguese explorer Diego Cao in 1483. From 1390 to 1830, this kingdom was independent. It was apparently destroyed by slavery and colonialism.

Indeed , this makes me better understand the statement by Lupita Nyong’o :“ we are in Africa and we meet an entirely new nation that is highly developed and there are so because they did not get interrupted by or assaulted by colonialism.” Wakanda is really a mythical country . However it  reminds us of what this place would have been without the contact with the rest of the world. It is also important to note that it wouldn’t be good for a given kingdom or country to be isolated from the rest of the world, to disregard the suffering of other society.

Of course, the movie has all that we usually expect from superhero movies: fantasy,fights, special effects and romance. But because it went beyond what we usually see in most superhero movies, we had to give it its merits. Also we can not finish how important it is for the little black kids to have a superhero that is relatable for them. These are the main reasons why we can’t miss this one

Vicks vaporub hair treatment



Recently, there have been a multitude YouTube videos on the benefit of Vicks vapo for black hair. After watching , couple of those videos, which I have to say have been viewed many times, some of them reaching million views, they seem to suggest that Vick’s vapo stimulate hair growth. What in Vicks vaporub stimulate hair growth and is it used to help grow hair.
Vicks vaporub is normally the number one selling brand of children’s cough products. It is medicated and age appropriate for kids from two years old and up. The way it works is that it contains medicated vapors that enter the nose and mouth and help smooth the cough. According to the label of Vicks vaporub, this product contain eucalyptus, camphor, menthol, cedar leaf oil, nutmeg oil, petroleum, thymol and turpentine oil. What among these ingredients stimulates hair growth? To get an answer to this question, we had to consult black doctor.org
On blackdoctor.org ,it is said that the ingredients that stimulate hair growth are eucalyptus oil, camphor and menthol and lavender. These are the ingredients in the product that is responsible for hair growth. Eucalyptus oil stimulate hair follicles and prevents itchy scalp. It also strengthens and improves the elasticity of hair. Camphor in its part , is an essential oil that is cooling, refreshing and improve circulation . Lavender is very effective in hair loss treatments. Menthol clears the pores so that hair can grow easily. That is why menthol is found in most of the shampoo and conditioner.
With all these ingredients and their benefit no wonder Vick’s is becoming the number one hair product used to stimulate growth. And it is actually the trending subject among “ YouTubers that are specialized in hair growth. Some of the videos are claiming that you see the results after sixty days.
So how this magical potion is used. The directions are simple. Mix Vicks vapor rub, castor oil and coconut oil. Then apply the solution to your scalp and hair. This is a pre wash treatment there for, after applying the solution you have leave it on your hair for about 10 to 15 minutes then wash, rinse and condition your hair as you do on your normal routine. This will grow your hair according to all those YouTube videos trending right now on the subject.
However we still have to caution that we haven’t try this method to garantie any results. Also we wouldn’t recommend this for children under 12 because the kids can run the risk of having their eyes irritated. Vicks vaporub also has another ingredients that is problematic :petroleum. I do not know hot this chemical affects your scalp or hair. As a dermatologist based in New York City said “while Vick’s is generally safe, a closer look at the ingredients mentioned several oils that could potentially cause skin irritations or allergies.”

The surprising reaction to the “shithole countries” message

By now, we all know that on Tuesday January the 9 th of 2018, it was revealed that during a meeting with the senators on the DACA, the president of the USA was wondering why  we have to bring people from the “shithole countries” of Africa and Haiti. We should bring people from Norway instead. The entire world was shocked by these comments,  qualifying them of racist comments.


In the USA , the media and governining elite was in shock . And call these comments in general unfortunate and beneath the dignity of the office. They mostly considered these comments as reaching a new level of vulgarity given what the president has been let them used to. It is not a laughing matter anymore because some of the elite in the African Americans community are from Haitian descents, African descents.  The Haitian ambassador in the USA has ask for an explanation of the president comments from the US officials according to the Washington post article of Friday January the 12. The ambassador went on to say that “ the president was either misinformed or miseducated about people from Haiti” . Most people in the black community was not shocked because they knew he was racist anyway. Their attitude was we told you so. All we can do is beat him at the the ballot. When someone show you who he is the first time you ought to believe him.

In Africa, the elite was quick to condemn this comments. The African Union through its spokeswoman Ebba Kalondo said “the African Union Commission is frankly alarmed at statements by the president of the United States of America when referring to migrants from African countries and other in such contemptuous terms. Considering the historical reality of how many Africans arrived in the USA during the Atlantic slaves trade, this flies in face of all accepted behavior”.  A South African broadcaster in South Africa start his greeting by “ good morning from the greatest, the most beautiful shithole country in the world”. The serious reaction came the deputy secretary of ANC who said “ours is not a shithole country neither is Haiti or any other country”.  The president of Senegal where the Gorree island that symbolizes the Atlantic slaves trade put out statements in French  sayin that he rejects the statement by the president of the US and that Africa deserves respect and consideration “ je les rejette et les condamne fermement. L’Afrique mérite le respect et la considération de tous”. The entire world was en fire everyone reacted in their way condemning racism and bigotry. There was however a particular reactions from people living in Africa and the African diaspora of the France and other that caught my attention.

The Africans in Africa who live the political, economical and social reality of the continent and those who in the diaspora are directly impacted by these reality had a different take to the president of the United comments. First they applauded the president if USA for showing to the world that he is an adversary for those shitehole countries. At least he is not like some other who welcome you today and stub you in your back. This is a comment read on the RFI( radio France international) page à comment made by an African “voilà un adversaire de taille! Lui au moins on le qualifie d’adversauté qui ne mâche pas ses mots, qui ne cache pas ses sentiments aux yeux des africains. Il n’est pas comme ceux qui t’accueillent aujourd’hui et qui te poignardent sur ton”.

Some others turn the “shithole countries” comments to a protest against the governing elite of African countries. Many of them wonder why these African elite where quickly becoming emotionally shocked by these comments. The truth is that there is a sentiment among African in the diaspora and those in Africa that the African governing elite, and the elite of the ex colonial master work against the interest of the people of Africa. This strange relationship based on natural resources exploitation and corruption  is the main cause of misery in Africa. Needless to say that Africa is the land to a bunch of natural resources ( Colton, oil, gold, diamonds and so for) that are used by multinational companies and the people in those land do not enjoy wealth coming from their own land. The war in the  Democratic republic of Congo(DRC ) and even in the republic of Congo is an example among many others. The comment by president of the USA was used against the African governing elite by reminding them the abuse they exercise against their own people which actually help them to practice mal governance and stay by force in power  for a long time .  According to one commentary, these African elite do not honor the continent by their practices anyway, they abuse their power and they are bunch of sale out to the multinationals that exploit the African resources so this African said exactly this “ je n’en veux pas a Trump. J’en veux aux dirigeants africains. Quand on analyse bien, on trouve une part de vérité dans ce qu’il dit. Nos dirigeants ne font rien qui puisse donner l’honneur à notre continent. Ils pillent nos richesses, ils s’etermisent au pouvoir.”  Comment from the RFI page of Friday January 12.

These réactions from the African did attract my attention because beyond the emotional aspect of the president of the USA calling some countries “shithole countries, there have to be some time of strategy on the part of the African elite. To tell you the truth, there is an awakening that is going on the part of the people Africa in Africa and the diaspora. We need level our reaction beyond the emotional aspect and focus on the strategic aspect of the issues. We need to strategize in order to find ways to destroy the relationship between natural resources exploitation, corruption, bad governance, wars and misery. The people of the world have the obligation to address these issues. It does not have to be that the happiness of certain people need to be found in the misery of other.


The big demonstration on modern slavery

Les chroniques de la diaspora NEWSLETTER
Novembre 18 2017


The march against the enslavement of African in Libya
On Saturday, November the 18th Paris woke up to big march organized by a collective of black rights organizations to protest against the inhuman detentions of Africans who are trying to reach Europe for a better life. The march was announced by Claude Siar after a video shown on CNN which was telling the story of the young African who are being sold as merchandise in Libya.
What is going on with these images? Apparently, during the last few years ,many young Africans have been trying to reach Europe through a human trafficking organized by smugglers on the Mediterranean Sea. These young people spend a lot of money from their countries of origin mostly in the sub saharan Africa. Many of them do not reach their destination because of the dangers they encounter during the trip on the Mediterranean Sea . Many of them have lost their life on the Mediterranean. This situation has become what is called an immigration crisis. According to a lot of media, to remedy to the immigration crisis, the Eu has signed an agreement with the Libyan government to stop the flow of immigrants by detaining those who cross the Sahara in order to reach the Mediterranean Sea for a chance to reach Europe, in Libya.  Some other medias are reporting that the idea of ” welcome centers was thrown out last August during a conference held in Paris in front of some European countries and some African countries especially Niger and Libya. And according to what they are reporting the idea was abandoned.

However, these detentions ( or life in these welcoming centers ) have been awful, inhuman and because of the lawlessness of the political situation in Libya, the African youth have beaten, rapped and even sold as slaves in a slave markets in an organized auction as we have seen in movies like “Roots”.These is an abomination, a crime against humanity. Slavery in the 21 st century is unacceptable and should be condemned in all its forms

These young Africans are willing to put their life in danger for a hope to get a better life in the western society. The misery that we see in Africa is unbelievable. Many of these countries have all sort of natural resources that are used in the western oil, gold, uranium, bauxite, diamonds and so for..Multinational companies exploit these resources in the continent however the  lives of the people of Africa have not changed they live in most miserable conditions. On top of these multinationals exploitation of resources that do not improve the living standards of Africans, have the head of states who are acting poorly. They do not impove living conditions to try to retain their youth in the continent. Most of these states are dictatorships, where corruption and bad governance  are the name of the game. They do not have real plans for education, for security, for jobs, the youth is completely hopeless. Only a minority of people enjoy a decent lifestyle and they exhibit their opulence toward those who don’t have.
That is why ,at the march at the Libya representation in Paris, the organizer of the march were condemning, Libya, the Eu and the Africans head of states for the enslavement of the Africans in Libya.

we are also learning that an investigation has been open in Tripoli and those who are doing these barbaric acts will be held accountable for their actions.
By Prisca p

The big African dilemma

Growing up, many young people of my generation dreamed to pursue their studies abroad. The deal was, work hard until you get your baccalaureate or high school diploma, then the incentive was to go abroad to study in higher educational institutions somewhere in Europe and America. The reason why many of African youth end up in the industrialized world, is that those who have studied in these countries, once home, occupy the most important positions or jobs in their home countries. They quickly become members of the elite or simply member of upper class. They become politician, executives, university Lecturers, business men and society has higher regards for them.   Another reason is just the opportunities that the western world presents to everyone. For the youth, that is not interested in higher education, the goal is to get a job opportunity that can help them raise some money in order to begin a lucrative project. This will help them to care of their family members.

However, once in the foreign land, this youth is faced with a variety lot of challenges that will eventually deviate their dreams of returning home. The first situation that creates a challenge is simply the opportunities  that this new society presents to them.   We have to keep in mind, that these young people come,  in most cases from countries where  there are  conflicts,  dictatorships, where the judicial systems are not functional,  where corruption in all its form is the name of the game, and the value of human being is sometimes not taken seriously. In the West the human being is dignified, the rule of law is applied according to the book and corruption even if it might exists, it is not to an extend to which everybody has accepted it as the rule of law. Also, the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press are guaranteed and are not taken for granted , leave alone the fact that they witness  the democratic system, how it is the better  political system. In way that in this system everyone is given a fair shot .

The other opportunities  that are provided in the western world is the fact that the inalienable rights are guaranteed for everybody as long as you play by the rules. After  a long  time of trying to integrate these societies, after  being educated in the western educational institutions, after entering the job market in the west, after simply becoming members of these societies, a dilemma is progressively presented itself to the African youth. The dilemma is should you go back to serve the continent or should you stay in the foreign land that has accepted you as human being.

A lot African elites are flying the continent because of dictatorships. As we must know a dictatorship is characterized by the rule of one individual or a few people. There is not freedom of speech or freedom of the press, corruption and bad governance which create economies that are based in the pursue of the wellbeing of all. In fact, the it creates an anti-growth type of the economy. The government is corrupt, the educational and healthcare systems are precarious and the job market completely  absent. It therefore difficult for those who have been living in the western world for many good years to decide to go back to the lands of their birth. It is  sad to say this, but after a while the decision is really hard to make.With this situation, Africa is losing its  people who are well formed and educated. In fact, they acquire a lot of experiences through the education system, through the job experience some even are opening businesses.  But all this knowledge has not yet served the continent has it should.  Today youth has an open mind on all aspects of life whether it is  gouvernement, rights, healthcare, social justice, business, and so on. The number one element of economic development is demographics. And the continent of Africa has a big advantage to that regard, all it need today is to clean its political environment of the bad seeds that are destroying the hopes of the many.

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The sustainability of the UN in achieving its goal of global peace

September 18 2017  kicks off the annual general assembly of the United Nations. This is an occasion for leaders of the entire world to get together and discuss the many issues that are going on the world. It is an occasion for the people of the world to give a thought on this world body’s work. We are allow here to wonder if the objectives that the United Nations set for itself are sustainable in today’s world. At today’s opening words of the general assembly session,a prominent world leader call for the need to ” reform the United Nations in order to better serve the people it represents.”  Indeed, the UN does need to be refomed in order to adress the needs of today’s world.  Therefore, what types of reforms will better serve the people leaving in Africa.

We ought to give the UN its main merit and achievement the maintenance of international order. Since its creation, the UN had been able to maintain the world peace has it is related to the war between each states. Most conflicts had been resolved through diplomacy. And, France and Germany which had been at the center of the wars have achieved the goals of leaving in peace.  Genocide has been avoided with the exception of the one that occurred in 1994 in Rwanda.

The UN can also be accredited for its humanitarian actions. In fact, the humanitarian actions has been the main achievement of the UN. In countries where there are civil wars, the United Nations through its peace keeping mission, was able to  preserve the dignity of humans. It is for the preservation of human dignity that the United Nations broke its principle of sovereignty to intervene in Rwanda after more than a million people killed.

As we must know, the principle of sovereignty is at the essence of the United Nations existence. And its charter on article 2.7 states clearly that “Nothing contained in the present charter shall authorize the UN to intervienne in the domestic jurisdiction of any state or shall require the members to submit such matters to settlement under the present charter.” How can the UN better serve the people it represents when the principle of sovereignty limits its actions to matters that are generated by conflicts between states but not within each states.

For couple of years, we have assisted in many constitutional crisis in some African counties of the sub Saharan zone ( the Congo, the RDC, Gabon and so for). These constitutional crisis have been generated by the manipulation of the constitution in order to maintain dictatorships within the continent leaving the people of these nations powerless. The wars within these nations do alienate human rights. In some locations because of these civil conflicts, a lot young people do not go to school for a long period of time , women are raped and the government can’t provide security for its own population. This really goes against the the universal declaration of humans rights adopted in 1948. This is just to say that there are a lot of humanitarian opportunities for the UN that we wonder if the principle of sovereignty ought to be rethink. The millennium development goals declaration in which, the UN set to eradicate extreme poverty, to achieve universal primary education, to promote gender equality and empower women, to reduce child mortality.., can not be sustainable as long as these dictatorships remained unchecked, are enjoying the principle of sovereignty that let them inflict suffering to their own people. The reform should consider as well the humanitarian crisis and not to wait for a million people to be killed in order to intervene.  One life is as important as the life of a million people.

Celebration of Congo Day

On september the 2 nd, the congo brazza community of the DMV area has organized  a cultural Day to celebrate the independance Day of the republic of Congo.   Like  many african countries, the Republic of congo got its independence from France in 1960 , after the second world war. Many of this african countries were under France autority through the system of colonization since the 18 th century. This system placed these countries under the administrative, political, economical and cultural influence of France.  But after fighting the war on France side, these colonized people were illuminated by the vulnerability of the colonial master. Also for many other reasons,  these countries were in need of their freedom. The congo in its part got its freedom on august 15 1960.

This year, it is the 57 th annivesary of the Congo.  The Congo Brazza community of washington metropolitan region has made the occasion really special .  In fact, the theme for the celebration was the promotion of the congolese people who have talent. Among those talents were Alida couture, Jacques Mabiala,  mushino and Rehema. All these talents made all congolese really proud.  Alida is a congolese taylor. During the celebration of the congo day, she did a fashion show in which, she presented  her work to the community. About 15 boys and girls wore clothes made by Alida couture. Jacques is a professional cameraman and presented himself to the community and talk about is work. Rehema  is an african american lady who is interested in the congolese culture especial Kongo dance. she shared her love for the congo and also performed some congolese dance.

Of course the night ended with the congolese “ambiance” the rythm of congolese dance and song . It was a really joyfull night, rich in fun, but also a learning moment. One of my favorite  part of the night was a projection that was made on the history of Congo from the independance up to now. I hope the next edition organized by the board of Congo Brazza community will be as colorful and inspirational as this year one.











Going to church on Sunday

Many of us have the time and the luxury to participate at a church service every Sunday or Saturday depending on which day your church service is held. There is a chunk of people who can't. Does it mean that they are not believers of Jesus Christ message or not? I am raising this question because in my community many of us tend to judge people degree of Christianity by their going to church or not. As far I am concerned, it is your actions that determine your love for Jesus and its message. What is your opinion about it?